Company History

Shelti/Gold Standard Games has a history as rich as the quality of the games we produce! The business started over 75 years ago in Bay City, Michigan, where a tradition of making quality games to create a more fun world started and hasn’t stopped! Superior craftsmanship and a love for entertainment through gaming come together to create the perfect union of passion and performance with each Shelti/Gold Standard Game that we produce.

First known as Valley Co. the company started producing top-quality games for the world in 1947. For decades the company manufactured top-of-the-line pool tables that you can still find in bars and game rooms to this day.

In 2001, the company known as Valley Recreation Products merged with Tornado Table Sports and Dynamo Corporation and relocated to Texas. Shelti persevered and continued manufacturing their high performance games in the same historic Bay City location that had churned out so many classic games, providing endless entertainment throughout the years.

In 2010 Shelti was purchased by World Champion Air Hockey player, Mark Robbins. Robbins’ history with Dynamo Corp in the 80’s and 90’s helped him create some of the industry’s best air hockey tables and set a standard for recreation games worldwide. The company expanded their product line with Gold Standard Games air hockey tables and continued to produce cutting edge foosball tables, pool and billiard tables, dartboards and dome hockey tables.

In 2021 Shelti/Gold Standard Games was acquired by Game Room Guys, a family business based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2001. The acquisition was a perfect match for Game Room Guys’ customer service focus and industry experience, coupled with the quality and attention to detail of Shelti/Gold Standard Games.

Game Room Guys and Shelti/Gold Standard Games continue to design and manufacture industry-leading products and produce top-quality pool tables, air hockey tables, dart boards, bubble/dome hockey tables and foosball tables for gaming-enthusiasts the world over.